FOREVER is FOR-EVER.   (Part-I) 

And that was a cold night! 

I never used to but those few hours of dark were totally different, so I planned a sleepover on the terrace with my acquainted but true friend- The Night. My mother lectured, but she knew I was the worst listener amongst all her children, so she ladened me with 3 thick, heated quilts. 

To my surprise, the duvet seemed useless because it was a hot summer night in my thoughts. Those unwanted tracks playing repeatedly in that viscious subconscious part of my gray matter.

That night the stars marking orion, just above my head, seemed super bright and super gossipy. The crescent moon seemed so much like a companion, so much like an old true friend, the gloomy, dark clouds asked me to broach and chat and the cool breeze embraced me, rescuing from the coolest of it. 

And then the dusk presented its questionnaire!

  • Why is he so difficult to forget? 
  • After so many years, why can’t you move on? 
  • Why is he the first and the last one? 
  • Why his betrayal never makes you hate him? 

Unanswerable set of intetrogation, demanding response. To my stillness, my friends for the night called me weak, timid, coy; which a lover is never! 



Author: rujhanjain

walking slow, running too fast!

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